What are “time corrupted” workouts?


What it looks like:

Time corrupted workout.png

What is it?

Time-corrupted notices can appear on workouts when the workout timestamp becomes out of sync with your phone’s system clock.

Why does this happen?

Unfortunately, not everyone is honest. Some users try to game the system by figuring out ways to earn coins without doing real workouts. One of the ways we flag suspicious workouts is by looking at various timestamps to verify workouts are actually legit. If the internal timestamps don’t make sense to us as a real workout, they will be flagged as ‘time corrupted’.

Sometimes workouts can be incorrectly flagged as a time corrupted workout when it is actually a completely legit workout. If you have a legit workout that was incorrectly marked as a time corrupted workout, please reach out to us at support@pkfitness.com.

Before contacting support, please make sure the clock on your is set to the “automatic” setting (see screenshots to the right) and also make sure not to adjust your system clock during a workout. If your phone’s clock is off from the real time this can cause workouts to be incorrectly flagged as time corrupted.

Verify your Phone’s ‘Date & Time’ setting

Head to your phone’s Settings > click General > select Date & Time > turn on Set Automatically.

How to Verify your Phone’s ‘Date & Time’ Setting

time corruption.png