Our Mission

Motivate to Move!


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A little about us: we love rewarding people for getting active! In our book, it doesn't matter what you do, how you do it, or what kind of shape you're in. All that matters is that you get moving! 

PK Coin rewards your workout effort with coins. The coins you earn can then be used to redeem prizes in the shop, such as gift cards, apparel, gear and more!



How it works


How we determine effort

Your effort is 100% personalized and, like a fingerprint, unique only to you! No two effort profiles are the same in PK Coin.

Our proprietary algorithms learn with every workout you do, adjusting as you grow fitter, faster, and stronger. Use effort to gauge your fitness progress whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or reaching for new peaks of performance and capability.

Our effort model uses your personal biometrics (sex, age, weight, height, etc) in combination with the various sensor inputs from your smartphone and/or smartwatch (accelerometer, barometer, GPS, heart rate monitor, etc) to compute how hard you're working as you exercise.

To increase the accuracy of your effort (and earn even faster!), we recommend connecting your Apple Watch or compatible Bluetooth heart rate for maximum result.

PK Coin can be used for moving outdoor workouts using only your phone. For indoor and non-moving workouts you will need to connect an Apple Watch or compatible Bluetooth monitor to earn coins for these types of workouts.

PK Coin also supports the importing of workouts from FitBit and a variety of other fitness apps such as Strava, Nike+ and others.



Meet the Team





2x Decathlon Champion, winning the Silver Medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics & a Gold Medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Awards & Recognitions:

  • Track & Field Hall of Fame 2017

  • Humanitarian of the Year 2011

  • Athlete of the Year Award 2008

Ed headshot.png


Seasoned technology executive with a 15-year career leading technical innovation at Disney and DreamWorks studios (CTO).

Awards & Recognitions:

  • 23 on Fast Company’s list of “100 Most Creative People”

  • 5 on the list of “10 Most Creative People in Movies and Television”

  • Awarded animation's highest award, the Annie Award


Head of Product

Head of Operations


Campbell McGrouther

With an impressive background in Visual Effects and Feature Animation on both the technical side as a Technical Director and the product side in Product Development, Campbell leads product direction as Head of Product for PK Coin.


Bruce Daitch

With experience in leading finance, operations, and strategy for both private and public companies, Bruce’s background as Head of Production Operations at DreamWorks makes him ideally suited for his role as Head of Operations of PK Coin.




Lead Developers


Ed headshot.png

Alex Weiner


Myk Vance


Nika Elashvili


Andrew Tran


Head of Fitness & Programs

Sydney Eaton

Head of Marketing & User Engagement

Madison Leonard

Lead Designer

Erin Lazak



Screenshots & Press Images

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App Features


Post-workout insights

  • Zones graph

  • Effort graph

  • Duration

  • Pace, Distance, Steps

  • Elevation Gain

  • Maps

  • Split times


Real-time effort tracking

  • Real-time effort tracking

  • Daily Leaderboard

  • Shop filled with rewards

  • Ability to import workouts

    • FitBit, Strava, Nike+ and other apps supporting HealthKit integration

  • Compatible with Apple Watch

  • Compatible with (most) Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors