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Fitness is more fun with friends!

Encourage your community to get fit- and have fun while doing it! PK Coin Programs are designed to engage small groups, organizations, and corporations to get excited about getting active.


How It Works


PK Programs are everything you love about PK Coin packaged into a unique, private experience, available only to your invited community.


Programs enable you to create a private community on PK Coin just for your group, where your leaderboard, shop, and profile will only be visible to people in your same program.


Program Leaderboard

How does your daily activity stack up to your community today? Check the program leaderboard to see your rank amongst your friends or coworkers.


Earn More Coins

Participants in programs enjoy increased daily and weekly coin caps to maximize their earning potential for the course of the program!


Exclusive Offers

Shop offers are customized and unique to your program. Is there something your community goes crazy for? Put it in the shop and motivate them to get moving!


Who can participate?


PK Programs are scalable to the size of your community. From small groups, to organizations and large corporations we have a solution just for you!



Compete with family and friends while keeping yourself accountable. Create shop items specific to what you and your group are motivated to earn.

Minimum 5 ppl. Maximum 20 ppl.



Whether you're a nonprofit, school, or small organization, programs are a great way to create a community of health and wellness.

Minimum 20 ppl. Maximum 500 ppl. 



Get active and have fun doing it with your friends and coworkers! Promote a healthy office culture while staying accountable and motivated to workout. 

Minimum 500 ppl. Maximum 10,000 ppl.