Killer Abs for the Win - Literally $$$


Author: Sydney Eaton, NASM

Bio: I get it - working out isn’t always the funnest or easiest thing to do. So I’ve made it my number one priority to help people reach their fitness goals and actually enjoy the process of getting healthy. In fact, I aspire to get my clients to a point where they look forward to their next workout!

I’ve partnered with PK Coin to help my clients feel rewarded and validated for the hard work they do. PK Coin is a mobile app that converts your workouts into rewards. All you do is track your workouts using the app, it tracks your effort (i.e. workout intensity), and you get coins based on how hard you work out. More effort = more coins! You can then use those coins to redeem real prizes. Highly recommend - I use it every day!




  • ~10 minutes


  • Heart rate monitor or Apple Watch (optional)

  • Yoga mat (optional)

Estimated earnings:

  • 15 coins



Step 1

Find an area where you’ll feel comfortable lying down and being on your knees. If you have a yoga mat, I’d recommend using it for this exercise.

yoga mat.png

Step 2

Connect your heart rate monitor or Apple Watch to the PK Coin app and press start earning! For a list of compatible heart rate monitors, visit our FAQ.

3 phones - effort, confetti, squad.png

Step 3

Repeat the following circuit as many times as possible in 10 minutes! If you have the time or are willing to give it a go, rest 1 minute and repeat!

This workout should earn about 15 coins! Happy earning.