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Get Moving

Track any activity & receive personalized effort (0-100 scale) in real-time on your phone!

Earn Coins

Earn coins based on your effort. The harder you work the more coins you earn!

Redeem rewards

Redeem the coins you earn for shop offers! New users can earn a prize within the first week!


How it works

pk pig 2.0 x3.png
pk pig 2.0 x3.png
pk pig 2.0 x3.png
pk pig 2.0 x3.png

walks, runs, hikes with phone

we use barometer, speedometer, ….

any activity any fitness level

to track stationary workouts, connect monitor


Do More, Earn More

Want to track more than just walks, hikes, and runs?


Connect A Device

Heart Rate Monitor

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor



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Any Activity

Want to do more than walks, hikes, and runs? Exercising with a device allows you to earn for any activity, including gym sessions, group classes, and more!

Get More
Accurate Effort

Your phone can only tell us so much. Connect a device for the most accurate effort possible, giving you the insight you need for the best workout possible.

Earn Coins

More accurate effort means your coins earnings will skyrocket! Give it your all in your next workout and we promise you won’t be disappointed with your earnings.