How to Import a workout


About Importing Workouts

PK Coin supports importing workouts from a variety of other fitness apps. Essentially any 3rd party fitness app that uses Apple Health to store workout data can be imported into PK Coin. Workouts can be imported for up to 7 days from when the workout was completed.

Earning Workout Coins (from Imported Workouts)

Workout coins are calculated for imported workouts based on the workout data for that workout. Some workouts will translate better than others. For example, workouts that store heart rate, GPS, and motion data will have very accurate translation into coins. Others that do not have all this data, such as step counters, will have less accurate translation into coins.

Note: Importing a workout from another app will always yield less coins than doing the workout directly in PK Coin.

Awarding Bank Coins (from Imported Workouts)

Workout coins awarded for imported workouts enable users to participate on leaderboards, in challenges, and for tracking goals (as well as corporate wellness programs or coins for causes campaigns).

Important Note: You must be a premium user (i.e. have PK Pro or PK Pro Max subscription) to earn bank coins for imported workouts.

How to Import Workouts



Don’t see the app you’re looking for?

*Make sure the app is connected to the Health app & all categories are turned on.

** Workouts older than 7 days will not appear to import.


Troubleshooting Importing Workouts

Step 1: Confirm PK Coin has access to Health.

import no health kit_2.png
import no health kit_3.png
import no health kit_4x3.png

Step 2: Confirm the app you’re trying to import from has access to Health (exception = fitbit, which should appear in the import automatically and would not be in Health).

import - find and select app.png
import- turn on categories.png

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