Compatible HR Devices


While any open Bluetooth monitor should work with PK Fitness, these high-quality sensors listed below have performed well with our app.

Wrist Band/Watch: Apple watch

Chest Strap: PK Chest Strap Monitor (most accurate - order here), Wahoo: TICKR chest strap (

Armband/Legband: Scosche Rhythm+ (


FitBit Devices

FitBit heart rate devices are not compatible with PK Fitness. This is a limitation imposed by FitBit since they would prefer everyone use their App. Here is a quote from their developer forum.

"If you need immediate, real time data, we understand that this means a Fitbit device may not be suited for your use case today."

We would be happy to support connecting to Fitbit devices for heart rate when Fitbit makes this capability available to 3rd party apps like ours. In the meantime, you can do workouts on your Fitbit and use the import function to import them into PK Coin. Keep in mind, to earn bank coins for imported workouts, you will need to have a premium account (a Pro or Pro Max account).

Garmin Devices

Garmin devices use a proprietary format and are not compatible with other apps like PK Coin.