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We’ve partnered with non-profit organizations to give you the opportunity to donate the coins you earn from your workouts to a good cause.

Every coin you earn goes directly towards your cause’s campaign. A campaign has a goal as well as a start and end date.

Step 1: Join a campaign of your choice

Step 2: Workout & earn coins

Step 3: Your coins automatically contribute to the campaign you’ve joined - no manual transferring needed!

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When you join a campaign, every coin you earn goes towards the cause.


Shop Takeover

Earning for regular shop offers will be paused & every coin you earn will go directly towards the cause - see image below.

Frozen Bank

We’ll keep your bank safe until the end of the campaign. While joined to the campaign, your workout coins go towards the cause and will not transfer to your bank. You can leave the campaign at any time to thaw your bank & resume earning for regular shop items.

No Coin Caps

Every coin you earn goes towards the cause - no limits!

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