How to connect a PK heart rate monitor in PK Coin (Android)


Step 1: Open the PK Coin app on your Android phone.

Step 2: Tap the heart icon on the home page

Step 3: Look for your PK heart rate monitor under “Available Sensors” - You can find your unique PKHRM number on the back of you monitor (disconnect the monitor from the strap then look on the back of the monitor). *See note below if your sensor isn’t appearing.

Step 4: Confirm your sensor has connected - it will be listed under “Connected Sensors” on the Connect Sensor page + you’ll see your heart rate above the heart icon on the home page.

How to connect HRM on Andriod.png


If your monitor is not showing up under “Available Sensors” - try moistening the chest strap to help with the electromagnetic signal.

how to moisten chest strap.png